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my view from the prison of a SICLE (Self-Imposed Child Loss Experience) due to debilitating maternal disease
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:: Saturday, July 09, 2005 ::

With permission, excerpts from a recently received email:

"It's 6 AM and I have been up for the last three hours doing nothing but reading your blog (browsing way back into the archives too). Yes it is on of those nights..........I am sure you know well what I mean."

"I always end up frustrated and angry and want to grab people by the shoulders and shake them and just scream out of sheer frustration when I get into debates with people over abortion. Especially with people who have never had an abortion and who "NEVER would myself, but I would never tell others what to do with their own body." Oh I want to shake some sense into them."

"Sometimes I immerse myself in anything and everything abortion and child loss related and other times I run as fast as I can to try to hide from it and usually find that through excessive drinking to feel numb but it always comes back........always. And tonight it's back with a vengeance. But such is life and how my life will be.......by my 'own choice'."

"I am hopeful President Bush will nominate a judge who will be able to see how many lives are completely destroyed through this 'freedom' we have been granted. I do wonder what the founding fathers would think if they saw how their words had been distorted and manipulated to include that women have the right to kill unborn children."

"I just want to shake people and scream at them and sometimes I want to show the whole world my box of things I have kept as connections to my child and show them my diaries and letters I have written and basically just show them my pain to try to make them understand......and I know it's not about me.....abortion needs to stop because a baby dies, period. But I get so very angry with so called feminists who have never had their feet in stirrups and fight wholeheartedly for this 'right' of ours to kill our child thinking it is such a wonderful freedom that we have.

What freedom is it to feel no other hope? Makes no sense at all. Women deserve so much better."

:: ashli 2:42 PM # ::

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