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:: Wednesday, July 27, 2005 ::

This reminded me of Rowan.

You know... the kid had a chance. It was small, but it was his, and he had a right to it. A LEGAL right to it. After reading the article, it hit me for the first time: Rowan really, truly had an honest chance of surviving the abortion if only the abortion facility had called 911 like Rowan's mommy begged them to. Heck, he might have survived if the abortion facility would have simply let paramedics in after Angele called them herself. Evidently, staff doesn't really believe in the right to choose.

And anyway, can you see the looks on the faces of waiting "patients" as a little one is wheeled out of the back room with paramedics actively resuscitating him? I mean, this could possibly be something of a turnoff to a waiting mother or two.

For cryin' out loud, people, consider the scope of potential financial loss the abortion facility could have incurred. These people have to eat too lest they lack the energy to get up in the morning and help women be equal to men in the workplace. Even abortionists need cash to live, baby, and we're talkin' second trimester abortion day. These are the big mamas, cash cows. Why let a retro-fetus get in the way of a living when a killing can be made?

Plus, it just wouldn't be fair to all the women trying to exercise their right to choose. Women waiting to abort their late term children should not be victimized by the inconvenience of having to witness a mass of cells flailing around fighting for his life.

:: ashli 2:17 PM # ::

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