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:: Friday, June 24, 2005 ::

In typical "my team v. your team" debates, abortion supporters are oft heard lamenting the sad fact that "pro-lifers" are closed-minded and only interested in their own impossible opinions. If we would only, for one moment, consider their perspective...

To be fair, "pro-lifers" have similar complaints.

I, having been a staunch "pro-choice" thumper for the vast majority of my life, so much so that I "availed" myself of the abominable option, am not certain to what extent I should concern myself with the "pro-choice" perspective. It was my perspective.

25 years of avid abortion advocacy are not easy to forget. I remember my rationale. I remember my low opinion of "pro-lifers" and the decades of misinformation that precipitated it. Some of them tried to tell me, but I would not hear.

Abortion made me an opponent of abortion. The movement was my grandest defect, and I've since defected. I will never go back. Never again. And I'm not sorry.

To all those abortion supporters out there, I hear you talking. I feel you caring in the only way you know how, the voices of your teachers ricocheting off of you, reverberating hollow "best wishes" throughout a lost society. But you're wrong. You couldn't be more wrong. About anything.

You're a dusty reflection of myself as you tell me what women need to survive, that children can be a gangrene that requires life-preserving amputation. It's a lie. I know. I lied it for 25 years.

I was on your side for so long but it slaughtered me. I could shield myself from theory but not from reality. It came into my life, hungry, for everything that ultimately mattered to me. I was dumbfounded by an inherent, scarlet truth from which I could not hide.

There is nothing, nothing, nothing you can say to me, that I haven't at some point said to someone else to justify abortion. You can't kid a kidder.

I know your rationale. I know your low opinion of me and the decades of misinformation that precipitated it. I also know the truth, and it's universal. Killing children is a gross violation of human rights. It's discrimination at it's utter worst. It's unethical. It's harmful. It's deevolution, and it's taking us nowhere fast.

I'm trying to tell you, but I know you will not hear.

:: ashli 6:18 PM # ::

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