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:: Friday, April 22, 2005 ::

(Warning: First hyperlink involves sound.)

Saw the show last night. If it rolls into your town DO NOT miss it. The whole show is basically about adoption. Very rad reels of the Chapmans' Chinese adoptions that will make you bawl if you're not careful. And you'll be ready to adopt by the second song.

Tomlin was awesome, and his blonde guitar-player is a megababe.

Crowns' lead singer had us rolling with anecdotes regarding his ADD and dyslexia, and they had a song with life-affirming lyrics to boot. Not saying that Pat Boone isn't just a swell guy, but I dig it when the X-ers (or semi-X-ers) get in on the act.

Best of all was SCC's drummer who wore a flippin sweet Vote for Pedro T-shirt.

(And you know how I feel about T-shirts.)

Rock on.

:: ashli 11:14 AM # ::

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