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my view from the prison of a SICLE (Self-Imposed Child Loss Experience) due to debilitating maternal disease
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:: Sunday, April 24, 2005 ::


"Orlando, Florida
April 2, 2005

At nearly 23 gestational weeks old (25-weeks-pregnant) the little boy fought bravely when he was delivered alive as a result of an induction of labor abortion. As soon as she caught sight of her beautiful son, Rowan's mother experienced an epiphany. Here are excerpts from the testimony of what she saw after her child was delivered:

'His right leg moved. I screamed ... pants down, blood everywhere ... I pushed my pinkie into his little hand and his fingers curled around mine.... My entire life and my moral views changed drastically once I saw my son moving ...... nothing else in the whole world mattered but Rowan's safety! I fell immediately in love with my baby boy and all my fears about having him fell away. Only one thing mattered to me: getting Rowan help.'

Rowan's mom repeatedly begged the clinic employee to call 911. To this frightened and concerned mother's horror the abortion staff simply turned away, refusing to provide any assistance or care for her baby boy. They would not call for paramedics to come to Rowan's rescue. The infant struggled to survive for eleven long minutes. Little Rowan finally succumbed, perishing in the icy waters of the clinic toilet.

At the request of the broken and desperate mother, the perfect body of Little Rowan is currently being held in cold storage at a local funeral home. She is determined to have the precise details of how her baby died exposed. State authorities have steadfastedly refused to autopsy the infant.

Rowan's grieving mother has come forward to tell the truth. She desires to seek justice for Rowan and all the infants who suffer through second and third trimester abortion deaths. She is willing to reveal the vivid details of her tragic story, is willing to be interviewed, and is scheduled to be on O'Reilly Factor next week.

Photos of Rowan will be available through Liberty Counsel's web site beginning Monday, April 25th."

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