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:: Wednesday, March 23, 2005 ::

Getting ready to go and bleed in front of the committee at the Capitol. In mentally preparing, I poured myself a cup of gano-coffee and sat down for a cyber look at the latest news surrounding Terri Schiavo.

All I can say is that I am sickened and appalled. I am sincerely tired of hearing about "Terri's wishes to die" when there is no proof that she wishes or ever wished anything of the sort. In fact, there is some evidence that she does NOT want to die.

I am dismayed at a public who cares more about a judicial process than they do about Terri or her parents. There is less respect for Terri than there is for the umpteen trials she has been through. It would not matter to me if 100 trials honored the hearsay of Michael Schiavo. I see how the courts have honored and continue to honor and even revere the deaths of around 4,000 gestating Americans every single day in this country. It's the new millennium but we are still the same old barbarians.

What is happening to Terri is just another example, a confirmation, of the new world order, an order in which you must prove your value. Being a living human being is not enough, and being vulnerable is deadly.

Can you imagine what the Schindlers must be going through? Not only do they sit powerless as the courts pave the way for their child's death by starvation... but the so-called "silent majority" is cheering.

Once again killing a helpless human being is trumpeted as an issue of "privacy".

For the love of God, people, have your children complete an advance directive or have them fill out a document that establishes you as the proxy should they become incapacitated.

:: ashli 6:45 AM # ::

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