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:: Thursday, March 17, 2005 ::

Emily has begun a fascinating series on "pro-lifers" who have lost children by abortion anyway. As an abortion-opposing mom, I will be glued to my monitor in hopes of gleaning tips on how to help my children, the next generation, avoid the abortion tragedy. IMHO, right about now, Em's blog is the most interesting thing on the Net. Do not miss this series.

I made a recent comment in response to a reader over there, but I kind of felt the whole discourse was important, so I'm reposting it here.

The reader knew that they had killed their children (via abortion) but reasoned that life would have been hell for those kids so they were better off dead. I.E., abortion had been necessary, the lesser of two "evils", good even.

I don't mean to single the person out, because it's a fairly common sentiment, and I certainly understand the logic, or at least the comfort it can bring. The only problem I have with it is that it just doesn't work.

Not really...

"i had a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE childhood. i'm also glad that my mother didn't kill me, because my horrible, horrible childhood is OVER. and life was pretty danged good... until abortion. without abortion, life could have been something entirely different. (it was really going GREAT before.)

i overcame my childhood. i think there's something to be said about enduring a lot of hardship and heartache in youth... that kind of life sucks to be sure, but it is not without its opportunity. the worst kind of crap can be the best kind of fertilizer, baby. people can really grow, come out on top, and be a damn site more than they ever would have been had they been born into a sweet little, buttoned-up, "cleaver" family.

i know it comforts you to think that you have spared your children so much pain... i'm not after your comfort. there isn't anything i can say to change your situation, or really even your mind; i'm not after anything.

but the truth is... had your kids been given life, that is, had they not been killed, they would have had the chance at a good and happy life in spite of the horrible crap they would have had to go through in their youth.

one thing about the human spirit: it can be mighty indomitable.

'lives of great men all remind us we might MAKE our lives sublime.'

some of us, in youth, roll with the punches quite literally, yet on our own make our lives sublime. conversely, some of us have the best childhood ever... and grow up to be the worst kind of bastard.

none of us is psychic; the future of a child must reveal itself.

as it is, abortion leaves each of us with a giant question mark. none can fully know what they hell they spared their child or what heaven they took away. we can only guess, and there isn't much real comfort in that."

:: ashli 9:56 PM # ::

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