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:: Wednesday, March 09, 2005 ::

Abortion description to follow.
Abortion ain't pretty.
The truth about abortion has a tendency to keep us from being complacent.
If you want to cover your eyes,

From Patte:

Aborted Baby Born Alive!

On November 15, 2001 20 year old Carla Hobard (not her real name) arrived at Orlando Women’s Center (OWC) abortion clinic. She knew that she was already half way through her pregnancy. She could feel her infant wiggling inside her belly. Carla wanted to abort the baby who was living and moving inside her.

The clinic assessed Carla to be 22.3 weeks pregnant. OWC employee Ms Clerveau assisted Carla with all of the paper work necessary for killing the baby. One form was entitled "Informed Consent for Induction of Labor with Prostin". This document explained:

"The prostaglandin tablets will be inserted into your vagina by your Doctor. The only discomfort that you will experience is similar to a normal pelvic exam. During the evening you will experience mild uterine cramps and some slight vaginal bleeding. You will be given medication that will help to decrease the discomfort. There is a small chance tht you could experience some mild nausea, vomiting, fever or diarrhea. There have been raree events of a sudden increase of blood pressure and death has been reported with prostaglandin use. … You must keep in mind that having a termination procedure is much safer than delivering a baby at full term …The majority of women deliver within 16 hours of the first insertion of prostaglandin E1 into the vagina. 90% of women deliver in the first 24 hours and 100% by 38 hours. After the passage of the fetus, you will be given more intravenous sedations … You will then go to the recovery room and may be sent home within 45-60 minutes. If the fetus has not passed within 20-24 hours, the Doctor will examine you vaginally and determine whether another procedure(s) needs to be performed to complete the termination."

Carla signed.

Ms Clerveau handed Carla another paper: "Informed Consent for Amniocentesis and Fetal Injection of Digoxin". This document included the following explanation:

Instillation of different medications into the amniotic cavity have been performed for many years throughout the world to induce termination in the second trimester (17-24 weeks). No one knows the entire mechanisms of how these medications work to induce uterine contractions … Digoxin is a medication that is commonly used for patients who have rapid heart beats …It is also used to slow the fetal heart down in-utero (fetus inside your uterus). After injection of a high enough dose of Digoxin into the fetus, the heart will stop beating. …This assures that the fetus will not be born alive, and makes the termination a safer procedure … The Digoxin (.25mg) is injected into the fetus by a spinal needle (thin needle) which passes through your abdomen. The ultrasound will be used to guide the needle to the appropriate position.

Carla signed this paper.

Carla’s labor was induced. Beginning at 1:30pm Carla was given 200 mg of Cytotec every hour. The medication did was it was supposed to do. Carla felt the contractions. They were getting stronger and stronger. Carla was upset and she wanted something for the pain. When the OWC medical assistants Tanya S and Janet R continued to refuse to give Carla any pain meds, she was infuriated. At 1am, in active labor, drove herself home and called 911.

Paramedics brought her to Labor & Delivery at Arnold Palmer Hospital. Carla delivered a beautiful baby girl.


Little Julie Hobard (not her real name) was only 1 lb 6 oz, when she was born. The neonatal resuscitation guidebook (authored by the American Heart Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics), states that babies should be considered candidates for resuscitation if they are 23 weeks OR 1lb. Little Julie was given medical care. As Carla watched her baby fight for life, she was horrified at what she had done to her daughter and wept with guilt and shame.

Little Julie survived. She is over 3 years old. Her mother Carla cares for her as best she can.
In May of 2004 a civil action lawsuit was filed in Orlando’s Orange County circuit court against abortionist Randall B Whitney (the on call abortionist) and abortionist James Scott Pendergraft (owner of Orlando Women’s Center). Case number 04 -CA-1202. The plaintiff is a guardian de son tort of the property of Little Julie the "incapacitated minor". As a result of her mother’s attempted murder by abortion and the cooperation of OWC, Little Julie’s extremely premature birth resulted in permanent injuries including:
cerebral palsy
loss of function on left side of her body
strokes/brain damage
physical, emotional and cognitive delays
lung damage and chronic lung disease
seizure disorder

The suit demands financial restitution so that Carla can properly care for her precious Little Julie.

There are a few important questions to ask here:

What happens to all the other little babies like Little Julie Hobard?
Labor-and-delivery with Cytotec is the method of abortion from 16 weeks through the end of pregnancy at Orlando Women’s Center. Every Thursday women arrive at 1103 Lucerne Terrace at 9am to have their babies murdered by premature delivery abortion.
What would have happened if Little Julie had been delivered at OWC instead of APH?
Since Julie was alive when she was born, would OWC have provided the tiny girl with medical care?

The answer is: NO.

Tricia Marlena Feldman had an abortion at 19 weeks gestation at Orlando Women’s Center. After she delivered her baby into the toilet, she saw him moving. She cried out and the medical staff told her to be quiet. No medical care was given to Ms. Feldman’s infant. The tiny infant was simply left to drown in the toilet.

Most of the women having labor-and-delivery abortions are encouraged to deliver into the toilet. Would the staff at OWC abortion clinic have scooped Little Julie out of the toilet and called 911?

The shocking fact remains that there are no laws in the state of Florida protecting viable infants (those who, with proper care, can survive outside the womb) from abortion in the second trimester of pregnancy.

And what about third trimester abortions? Should women and abortionists be allowed to murder viable infants? Is it moral to murder these viable infants? If these third trimester babies (25 weeks to full term) survive the abortion, what system is in place to assure that these vulnerable infants are treated as persons and given medical care? They are being delivered in the toilets of abortion clinics! Do we really expect that the abortionist and the staff are going to try and rescue these born-alive infants? Are they really interested in highlighting their business "failures"?

Isn’t it about time that we as a nation made the heinous late-term abortion ILLEGAL?

:: ashli 7:28 PM # ::

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