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:: Saturday, February 05, 2005 ::

(The hyperlink "Little Mary" is a color photograph of a late-term child aborted whole at Orlando Women's Center in Orlando, Florida. In the photo you will note the absorbant pad.)

It's Patte time...

"Yesterday we met half a dozen women who came to the abortion clinic to abort babies later in pregnancy. (Anywhere from 16 - 40 weeks.) "Linda" came with her boyfriend "Lee". Linda was aborting at 4 and 1/2 months because as she explained:

"I have a little baby already and this is just not the right time to have another one."

When I explained to Linda that she WAS going to have this baby because her abortion was actual labor-and-delivery, Linda casually said: "Oh, I know that." I showed Linda and Lee a photo of "Little Mary" who was aborted at Orlando Women's Center at the same age as Linda's baby, saying,

"This is exactly what your baby will look like. She may very well be alive when you deliver her. Then, she will be thrown away as medical waste. Your baby is not garbage, Linda. She's a little girl or a little boy."

Linda remained entirely untouched by the gruesome photograph of a real infant, bloody and lifeless, laying on the abortion clinic counter. I told Linda:

"There is no such thing as an unwanted child, only unwanting adults. There are wonderful couples on the adoption waiting list, Linda. You can choose the momma and daddy yourself. You can allow your baby to be placed into a home where she will be loved forever. You can even get assistance with your medical and living expenses. Linda, adoption is the way for you to do the right thing."

Linda dismissed the idea, saying:

"Oh, I could never do that."

I quickly corrected her,

"Yes, you could Linda, and we'll help you."

I asked Linda if she believe in God.

"Of course I believe in God. As a matter of fact, there's one thing I know for sure. If God didn't want me to abort this baby, He could have stopped me."

I looked Linda in the eyes and said,

"What do you think I am doing here?"

She smiled and thanked me and said that she had to go. She promised to read all of our material and think seriously about what I said. Linda and her boyfriend went inside the clinic. A few minutes later "Amina" arrived.

Amina explained that she had come to keep Linda company while she aborted the baby. Amina said that she didn't believe in abortion, but that she had to support her friend. Amina said:

"I have a beautiful little two-year-old daughter myself."

I asked Amina if she believed in God. She said:

"Yes, I sure do."

I asked,

"What do you think God thinks about abortion, Amina?"

Amina quickly replied:

"Oh, I know that God doesn't approve of abortion. My momma drummed that into my head."

Amina promised to go over our information packet with Linda and try to encourage her not to kill the baby. She also promised to remind her about adoption and to ask her to call the adoption agency telephone number written on the pamphlet I'd given them.

I prayed for Linda's baby and for the other five infants whose parents were killing them inside the clinic. I also prayed for all of the clinic workers, that they would be so disquieted in their souls that they simply could not bring themselves to destroy those precious, helpless infants.

The last bit of instruction I gave to Amina was:

"If Linda's baby is born alive, if she is moving in the toilet, call 911 right away."

Amina smiled and went inside."

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