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:: Sunday, February 06, 2005 ::

Buckle your seatbelt.

No, really...

An excerpt from a letter Patte sent to a local "pro-life" doctor who referred a woman for abortion at Orlando Women's Center, a late-term abortion facility in Orlando, Florida:

"I want to take a few minutes to give you some information about Pendergraft and Orlando Women's Center. James Pendergraft is a convicted felon. I have a letter that he wrote to me from his prison cell in Atlanta. He and his staff murder infants through all nine months of pregnancy.

From 16 weeks gestation, the protocol Pendergraft and his staff employ for abortion is Induction of Labor with Cytotec, commonly called the "Born-Alive" abortion method. I have personally heard testimonies of Pendergraft's own clinic workers in which they describe seeing these babies delivered alive and left to die. Here is the personal testimony of one of Pendergraft's employees I'll call 'Susanna' (Pendergraft is Dr X):

'I saw a lot of babies born alive ... Dr. X said that was a side effect of a medication. They always said to leave the baby alone, and they would stop breathing ... Two hours was the longest I saw a baby live ... One girl was 26-27 weeks ... They put the babies in red biohazard bags when they were still moving, tied the bag up, put them in a biohazard box. The biohazard medical service would pick boxes up Monday and Thursday.

Dr. X would insert the medication and send the women home. They were told to come back the next day. There was one incident where the woman had the baby while she was waitingat the door for the clinic to open. She got there at 7 a.m. The clinic opened at 8 a.m. She said the baby was born alive. The baby was now dead, and she was holding the baby in a bag. She was bleeding. I was in the room when Dr. X gave the digoxin to stop that baby's heartbeat beforehand.
[Digoxin is a medication inserted by needle througha mother's abdomen into a baby's heart to cause instant cardiac arrest.]
Well, he didn't have an ultrasound machine that day. He inserted the needle blindly. He said he'd been doing it so many years, he knew the location. But he didn't actually know if he hit the heart.

I know this nurse – Bridget. She was working there when the new doctor held a baby under water in a bucket when she told him the baby was alive. That baby was between 25-26 weeks. Bridget left two months ago because of that. I left because I got tired of everything going on and the fact Dr. Xwould coach women into saying they were going to kill themselves if they didn't abort. Then he said he had a legal right to do it [perform abortions] past viability. He did them all the way to 40 weeks.'

On February 12, 2004 I met a young lady named Tricia Marlena Feldman who aborted at 19 weeks at Orlando Women's Center. She saw her baby moving inthe toilet after she delivered him. When Tricia cried out at seeing her little boy alive the medical assistant told her to be quiet. The little boy was left to die in the toilet, wrapped in paper and burned as medical waste.

I hold in my hands the medical records of a 20-year-old woman named C.H. who paid for an abortion at Orlando Women's Center on November 15, 2001. She was evaluated there and found to be 22.3 weeks gestation. She arrived at9 a.m. and was induced with Cytotec. Through her entire induction-of-labor abortion experience she was NEVER seen by a physician. CH was attended by medical assistants and other staff members. CH left the Orlando Women'sCenter of her own accord while she was in labor at 1:30am. She drove herself home, called 911 and delivered a live baby girl at Arnold PalmerHospital at 4:30am. Her daughter is 3-years-old now.
Pendergraft, and the on-call abortionist Randall Whitney and Orlando Women's Center are being sued for the lifetime expense of caring for this poor little girl.

I've attached the story of another patient of Orlando Women's Center. Read for yourself how M.R. was perforated by one of Pendergraft's abortionists in December 2003. Abortionist Perper pushed the cannula through her uterus and rammed the fetus into her abdominal cavity. When they transferred M.R. to the hospital, they told the paramedics that she had already 'passed the POC' ['product of conception'], which was a lie. M.R.'s fetus was still inside her and was discovered during exploratory surgery.

Two of Orlando Women's Center employees died of drug overdoses from drugs they obtained from the medicine cabinet at Orlando Women's Center. Pendergraft is currently being investigated by the Department of Health for the death of RN Melissa White who died in her home on September 24,1999. Pendergraft was aware of Melissa's drug problem because she had passed out in the clinic twice, yet he continued to give her access to the drugs that ultimately killed her.

How can you, or anyone at your hospital or any other physician REFER women to Orlando Women's Center? Can you please help me understand how you, a professing Christian, can REFER your patients to the murderous James Pendergraft and his hellhole abortuary?"

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