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:: Friday, January 28, 2005 ::

Someone gave me a stack of Madea (Tyler Perry) DVDs to check out. Each production is like watching a train wreck. It's some truly some messed up stuff. "I ain't lyin!" But I have to admit, it had me rolling. ROLLING, I say! I can't help it; I'm human.

It's supposed to be gospel oriented, but I'd probably debate that. Nothin' you can show while the churrin is around. Prolly nothin' you should be watchin' yosef. Ohhhhhh chile... but that Brown sho is "F.U.B.U." with his ashy knees and broke-down barkin dog. "I ain't lyin!" The singing is phenomerrrrrnal, Mr. White Man, but as I say... a twisted kind of Good News.

What struck a chord in me the other night was a scene in "I Can Do Bad All By Myself". The 14-year-old girl (who has got a set of pipes, let me just tell you) gets pregnant, and her mother tries to force her to abort. She literally drags her to the abortion clinic but they say she is "too far gone", so no abortion. (Reminds me of a very real young girl I saw being dragged against her will into an abortion facility by her mother.) The girl's mother reveals that her daughter was conceived basically in a rape situation and eventually comes to terms with that. Madea has some pretty tough advice for the young girl and her mother. I laugh, I cry... these shows affect me deeply.

I may not find the plots or characters particularly heartwarming, and I may even be appalled at the language, sexual innuendo and overt drug references... but it has been suggested that, aside from obvious theatrics, this is the way it is for some people, and Tyler Perry might be able to speak to them where others can't.

All I know is I'm getting rid of the videos as soon as humanly possible... but part of me will be oh-so-sorry to see them go.

Click here to download what looks like a very toned-down version of Diary of a Mad Black Woman coming soon to motion pictures.

Click here for ol' skool Madea.

And here for the real reason why Rosa Parks would not give up her seat on the bus. (Click on number 8: "Rosa Stole My Man".)

Disclaimer: In putting on my "blaccent" for a portion of the above post I hope I am in no way offending my black American friends. This is how many of the characters talk in the Madea series, and I'm just running with that rural charm. While it is fun, I am not making fun. I believe there is a difference.

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