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:: Saturday, January 08, 2005 ::

Not going to be able to blog on Friday and Saturday, so I'm getting a jump on things. I will resume Carlin-flaying on the 9th or 10th.

So for now... it's Patte time.
(Get your hankies.)

"Thursday, January 6, 2005
Orlando Women's Center Abortion Clinic
Late term abortions: 17 - 40 weeks/4 - 9 months gestation

19-year-old Diedre arrived early at the abortion clinic with her motherBeverly. She stopped to talk to us while her mother was inside the clinic, arranging for the death of her grandbaby. Diedre admitted that she was halfway through her very first pregnancy.

I asked Diedre: "What is the biggest reason why you don't want to have this baby?"

Diedre said: "I'm not ready. I'm at college and I'm in the band. There are things I want to do. I can't be pregnant and do what I want to do."

I explained: "Being pregnant doesn't have to inerfere with your education. I horseback rode until I was 8 1/2 months pregnant and my friend ran marathons during her pregnancies. You can have this baby AND continue your studies, Diedre, and we'll help!"

Diedre shook her head.

Patte: "Do you understand that you're going to HAVE this baby? This abortion is labor-and-delivery. Your baby could be born alive, Diedre."

Diedre: "Yes, I know. They told me."

I explained to Diedre that I had a wonderful solution to her dilemma. Adoption. I helped Diedre to understand that although she didn't want to raise this baby, there were hundreds of couples who would love that very same privilege. Just then, her mom Beverly came out of the clinic and walked over. I took pains to explain adoption to Beverly.

"This is a wonderful way for you to help your daughter do the right thing."

Beverly shook her head. She said: "My daughter used birth control. This wasn't supposed to happen."

I corrected her: "The truth is, this WAS supposed to happen. Did you know that the bible assures us that God is the one who "makes alive"? His Word also reveals that God knows us BEFORE He forms us in the womb. This child is not a mistake, but a gift of God."

Beverly and Diedre nodded. They knew this was true.

Beverly said: "I know that no birth control is fool-proof. Abstinence isthe only way to be sure not to become pregnant. But, you can't expectpeople not to have sex. That is just unrealistic."

Patte to Beverly: "Your daughter is pregnant with her first baby. She is full of child, your grandchild. There's no avoiding that now. Diedre is going to have to go through childbirth to have this abortion. All we're asking you to do is DELAY that childbirth until this baby is ready to be born."

Although Diedre had a sonogram at the clinic the day before, she hadn't looked at the living child on the screen. Only the abortionist saw her baby. We offered to bring them both inside the mobile unit to have an ultrasound.

"Come with us and see your pregnancy for yourself."

Diedre looked at her mom. Beverly looked at her pregnant daughter.

Diedre said: "I want to take some time to talk to my mom about this."

They went behind the clinic and talked. Melissa and I talked too. We imagined Diedre's baby. At 19 weeks, this little one can hear the voice of her mother. We knew that Diedre could feel her infant wiggling and turning in her belly. Her baby already has fine hair on her head. Her fingers are able to curve around an object placed in her hand. Diedre's infant sleeps, awakens and exercises in coordinated movements. This tiny child has been squinting, swallowing, hiccupping and wrinkling her forehead for months. She turns her head, curls her toes and opens and closes her mouth. Diedre's baby could be about 10 inches long. Lovely, sweet, precious. This infant could be born alive into the abortion clinic toilet, just like Tricia Feldman's baby was. This baby would be treated like medical waste, as if she were garbage. Hauled away and burned with dirty pads and placentas. We shuddered.

More people arrived to abort their babies. Maria (will have to grapple with the violence and fatality of this experience at the tender age of 14), Sandra, Shelley. We plead with all of them.

Our hearts sank as Diedre and Beverly came up the driveway.

Diedre smiled and said: "We're going to do it."

They took their helpless little one into the clinic to be killed and disposed of.

Sadly, no one choose to allow their babies to keep the gift of life that God had so graciously given to them. Many more women arrived to murder their babies this afternoon. As I type this update to you, Maria's, Sandra's, Shelley's and Diedre's babies are dying."

:: ashli 10:12 PM # ::

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