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:: Saturday, January 22, 2005 ::

*A certain set of people bothering you?
*Do you want to get rid of them but still obey the law?


Just follow the five easy steps outlined here (scroll down dark grey bar), and you'll be well on your way to legally and safely killing people!

In the spirit of being offended, this really chaps my hide:

"Spiegel told the newspaper Saarbr?cker Zeitung he 'cannot in any way understand" how anyone could compare abortion and euthanasia to the crimes of the Nazis. He called the comparison "unspeakable and offensive.'"

Hey, Spiegel! Maybe this'll help:
(graphic images)

Jewish holocaust
unborn holocaust

By taking offense at the comparison of the Jewish holocaust to the modern day unborn holocaust, some Jewish leaders are saying that unborn children are not real people and no one is exterminating them. I would like to remind the offended leaders that Hitler said the same thing of the Jews.

No one should apologize for pointing out that the dark corner of a malevolent history is repeating itself via abortion.

:: ashli 4:12 PM # ::

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