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:: Sunday, January 09, 2005 ::

"ACHA records in the complaint, obtained by the Associated Press, also show the abortion facility was keeping improper records. 'Revoking the license of any health care facility is a serious action, but there is nothing more serious than a facility failing to take the appropriate basic steps to protect the health and safety of the people it serves,' the agency said in a statement Wednesday. "

Nothing more serious? Years ago I alerted ACHA to the fact that there was improper record keeping at Pendergraft's Orlando Women's Center, and they cared SQUAT. They wouldn't even investigate it and tried time and again to close the complaint. I kept reopening it.

The woman I dealt with couldn't even bring herself to SAY the word "abortion". It was ridiculous. And now they're the ones moralizing the "seriousness" of improper records? If it's so "serious" AHCA might want to look into "patient" complaints. Unbelievable.

Will resume the Carlin tirade tomorrow.

:: ashli 11:49 PM # ::

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