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:: Thursday, December 02, 2004 ::

Wow, man. I just remembered that this blog actually has an email account, so I uh... checked it.
Over 40 emails (thirty-nine and a half from Annie Banani alone! ;-). People actually read this blog. And here I've been feeling like one of those midnight writers... a 2 a.m. ham radio operator with one frequency hit per blue moon.

So I'm sorry for not responding. I haven't been arrogantly untouchable. I haven't even been too busy (although I'm lucky I get a bath or two each month what with two "churrin", homeschooling, organic coop, holidays, weddings, etc.) . I've just been... dum-buh.

I wasn't going to post tonight, today, this morning... whatever the heck it is at 1:25 a.m. I am still reeling from the death of the mother with cancer. It's one more bad dream I'm trying to wake up from. Like a clockwork mouse I'll bump into the wall a little while longer before I accept the reality of it. It sucks, and I didn't do enough. Who among us did? (Aside from that one atheist dude who kept donating ungodly amounts.)

The mother's kids are still around, it's Christmas soon, her husband is up to his eyeballs in grief, painful explainations and medical debt. I've still got their address. Let's take at least some of the weight off his shoulders. We've asked our church, for instance, if they will repackage our tithe this week and send it to Robbie in a neat little check. That's one idea. It's one way to remain anonymous. It's one way to allot funds we really don't have. Would that work for you? Email me for the address. I promise to check my messages daily.

Sigh... she was in her twenties. Her TWENTIES. Have you seen the pictures? It's a requirement.

I'm sure some abortion supporter is going to take this case and run with it. That's too bad. Despite what it might obviously look like, that's not the message. Diane's death encourages me even more. She died for this, folks. And yes, I know that cancer killed her, that it was not necessarily carrying her child to term that ended her life. But she was not willing to fight for her life at her daughter's expense. No... not that way.

She was willing
if that's what it took
to die for her faith
and for her child
and she did.
That means everything
doesn't it?

The Most Beautiful Photo In The World...

Diane defiantly nurses her daughter with her
remaining breast. She will lose this breast too
but continues to nurse until that time. She will lose
her life as well, but continues to love until that time.
Please view the photos.

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