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:: Thursday, December 02, 2004 ::

Things are sad lately. Too sad. And no one (save for that confounded atheist) is writing me to say that they are going to send Robbie or Diane's kids anything for Christmas. I prefer to delude myself into believing that all the lovelies who wrote me eons ago asking for the address... have held onto that information and are just bypassing me to send their cards, gifts, thoughts, prayers, etc. But If that ISN'T the case... I think I'm going to boycott my own blog.

Don't MAKE me boycott my own blog, people!!!
Ohhh, I have GOT a computer, and I'm not afraid to NOT use it!!!

Sure there are a lot of good, gooooood causes. But tell me this one doesn't just reach right in and twang on your viscera. Tell me you don't feel encouraged, inspired and yet sick to your stomach when you think of the whole ordeal. Tell me that if you were in Robbie's situation right now you wouldn't care if people forgot about you because they were too busy with Christmas decorations and tinkling donations of leftover pocket change in Salvation Army storefront kettles like good little seasonal givers.

There is just no way I am willing to accept the wide circulation of the sappy Christmas shoes urban legend while this very real situation ebbs into the field of the unnoticed. TELL ME I AM MAKING YOU FEEL HELPLESSLY COMPELLED TO SNAILMAIL THIS FAMILY SOME SORT OF COMPASSIONATE MOMENTO!!!


(end of rant.)

Now, I know you decent people will not let me down in my concern. So, to reward you in advance, I will print an hilarious email I received from one of my very favorite readers re: the choicesters post. Here 'tis:

"God, does the pandering to dumbass teenagers ever stop? What a stupid name.
'Hi, my name's Chelsea. I'm a choicester!' 'Hi, my name's Sienna. I'm a hamster! We're the next generation of American leadership! Wanna place your children's future in our hands?'

No thanks.

I give you credit for having the stomach to read that stuff. I personally cannot stand to be bombarded with that level and concentration of ignorance, stupidity, self-deception, and wanton cruelty. I know it's out there, but like pornography, snuff films, and videotapes of hostages being beheaded in Iraq, I just prefer not to see it."

:: ashli 2:43 PM # ::

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