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:: Monday, December 06, 2004 ::

OK, I have had three, count 'em, three people email me and say they were going to send something to Diane's (deceased cancer mom) family, so I suppose the boycott is off and I can post again. Recently, I've had over 300 hits in one day, so I won't hide the fact that I wish more than three people had written to say that they were going to send something to this family, but alas... three dear individuals, including the generous, compassionate atheist, will have to suffice. (May God bless you three richly in heart and spirit. May He seep into the atheist's tough skin, overwhelming him completely. May you three find tremendous satisfaction in your gift/card/prayers for this precious family.)

This is the last thing I will say about it (I think)...

It only costs 37 cents for a stamp. It only takes 15 minutes to jot down a caring note. It takes nearly nothing to be an evolved species, and Christians in particular have no excuse for not reaching out to others, especially to a young, grieving minister whose twenty-something wife just died heroically and left him with two small children and no idea what to do next.

End of subject.

Moving right along...

Keeping it "safe and legal" doesn't keep it safe or legal.

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