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:: Saturday, December 11, 2004 ::

More from Patte, the "sidewalk counselor":

"I reach out to abortion-bound girls and women at the #1 late-term (third trimester) abortion clinic in the state of Florida called Orlando Women's Center. They murder children through all nine months of pregnancy.

Beginning at around 16 weeks gestation the clinic uses the method known as "labor-and-delivery" to commit the abortion. The abortion staff simply induces the pregnant woman's labor (with Cytotec pills) and the baby is delivered inside the abortion clinic from 6-36 hours later. We have many first-hand reports, from patients and abortion clinic workers, that about 1/3 of these infants are "born" alive and left to die.

Most of these abortions themselves fall under the category of "legal" but it is illegal to fail to provide medical treatment when an infant survives abortion. Although I KNOW that they are NOT providing medical care for these infants, I have failed in all of my MANY efforts to have any charges brought against the abortion clinic.

I believe that the average citizen of Florida, and indeed, America, would be shocked and outraged if they were to find out about these labor-and-delivery abortions that are committed against viable infants. I have spent many, many years trying to educate the church and the general public, and I am sad to say that I have failed to persuade anyone to stand up and do anything about this.

I now have the medical records of a woman named C.H. who went to abort her baby at 22.3 weeks gestation at Orlando Women's Center (owned by notorious felon and abortionist James Scott Pendergraft) on 11/15/01 . The notes by abortion staff in C.H.'s medical record reveal that she became "upset" that her labor contractions caused her "pain" and with the fact that the abortion clinic wouldn't give her pain medication. When she was in hard labor C.H. left the abortion clinic. Her dear little baby was born ALIVE at a local hospital. C.H. kept her baby and has been raising her ever since then.

The "aborted" child is now three years old and C.H. is suing the abortion clinic and James Pendergraft and the other abortionist (who was on call that evening) hoping that they will be financially responsible for some of the care required for her special needs child. (The whole thing is so sick and twisted.)

The lawsuit was filed inOrange County Civil Court here in Orlando on 5/25/04. The case number is04CA-1202. Would you be willing to bring the law suit up before your church and everyone you know? The point is to TALK about late term abortions of viable infants (40-50 % of babies at 23 weeks gestation now survive) and how they are performed here in Orlando. I am certain that folks do not know the details of how these second and third trimester abortions are performed and that they are "routine". (We witnessed seven women going into have these abortions at Orlando Women's Center yesterday.)

I'd beglad to fax you C.H.'s medical records so you can see them for yourself.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is forgood men to do nothing. -Edmund Burke

Have nothing to do with the unfruitful deeds of darkness but rather expose them. -Ephesians 5:11

Talk, talk, talk about late term abortion. Exposing it is the right thing to do. If you know someone of influence who is willing to expose late term abortion, PLEASE pass that info along to me."

:: ashli 6:02 PM # ::

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