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:: Tuesday, December 21, 2004 ::

I was reading "Section VI: Endorsements" in the LDI Boycott List when my eyeballs fell out.

Many groups, including Feminists for Life, endorse LDI's list.

However, there was a special note that Care Net and Priests for Life were "removed as endorsing organizations because they knowingly and willingly chose to do business with a corporation [American Express*] while it was a boycott target."

That is to say... for a brief moment in time two abortion-opposing organizations knowingly and willingly helped to fund Planned Parenthood.

And as I sit here in shock at what others have done I realize immediately that our family has not yet pulled our account with a bank on the list.

I apologize to everyone.

It will be a MAJOR hassle, but mark my words...
It will be done before the new year!

We can all do better.

*American Express is no longer on the boycott list.

:: ashli 4:10 PM # ::

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