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:: Friday, December 24, 2004 ::

I had a rare off-topic post up for a day or so re: some difficulties I had with ordering from Back to Basics Toys. Talking to this supervisor and that proved to be time-consuming and aggravating. I ended up uncharacteristically blogging the experience, and it fired me up again, so I called and spoke to, literally, the supervisor's supervisor's supervisor. I read the blog entry to her, and she asked me for the URL. If they ever went and took a gander I wonder how horrified they were to find themselves on a blog about abortion.

Long story short...

The company basically paid for my child's entire Christmas. Upon returning from my valiant quest to procure the largest Christmas ham in all creation, I found a cardboard toy store waiting on my doorstep. We are talking hundreds of dollars worth of toys for absolutely free.

BTBT's motto is:

"They do make 'em like they used to!"

Evidently, they do sell 'em like they used to too!

:: ashli 9:13 AM # ::

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