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:: Thursday, December 30, 2004 ::

An "anti-choicester" writes of my photo:

"Well, no matter what you do you'll never be as f**kably sexy as George Carlin."

(You gotta love it!)

Moving right along...

"These conservatives are really something, aren't they? They're all in favor of the unborn, they will do anything for the unborn. But once you're born (gives the finger) you're on your own.Pro-life conservatives are obsessed with the fetus, from conception to nine months. After that, they don't wanna know about you. They don't wanna hear from you. No-nothing! No neo-natal care, no day care, no head start, no school lunch, no food stamps, no welfare, no nothing. If you're pre-born, you're fine. If you're preschool, you're fucked!"

1. I can only assume that Carlin is referring to the fact that conservatives generally vote Republican. What he might not consider is that conservatives are only conservative in some areas, like say, maiming and killing women and children via abortion. We're radically conservative about that. However, I know a TON of conservatives who are very liberal when it comes to education, welfare, the environment, etc. The problem is, liberals make sure that we can't vote liberal, like many of us would otherwise be glad to, because the platform includes abandoning women and children to abortion, which is very anti-civil rights/Mother Earth.

2. What a contrast the liberal abortion-supporter is when it comes to the born person! Once the born woman carries out her "duty" to abort her child (that she would most likely have kept if her abortion-supporting boyfriend/husband/parent/friend/boss would have let her), the abortion supporter is surely there at 3 A.M. when the roto-rooted mama is grieving broken-hearted on the kitchen floor.

The abortion supporter is surely there when the mother gets breast cancer because of what the abortion procedure does to her body, right?

The abortion supporter is surely there when a mom has to spend the second half of every subsequent pregnancy on complete bedrest because the abortion obliterated her cervix.

The abortion supporter is surely there when she is burning herself to distract herself finally with pain she can understand and treat.

The abortion supporter is surely there when her relationship with her surviving children becomes confusing, contradictory and painful.

The abortion supporter is surely there when intimacy disappears from the marriage due to the bloody scenes that flash before Mother's eyes when her legs are spread as her husband enters her body.

The abortion supporter is surely there when she wants to tell her story, when she wants to cry, when she is sorry, right? RIGHT?

Not a chance.

The abortion supporter is only there to put an arm around a grieving mother... so they can reach around and clap a hand over her wailing mouth. "Shut up," the abortion supporter sneers. "Your voice is not wanted. You made your bed, now lie in it. It was your choice. YOUR choice!"

3. "Pro-lifers" nowhere to be found after the baby is born? Are you kidding me? I am about to drag my whole family across Florida to attend the wedding of a very dear friend of mine who I first "met" over the phone when a "sidewalk counselor" gave me the gal's number after meeting her outside of the abortion clinic where she was going in to kill her baby at 23 weeks. It's a long story.

Yes, I intentionally dissuaded her from aborting her child. I never made a secret of that. I was trying to help her. Why would I lead her down the horrific, devastating path I've found myself on? Why would anyone want that for another soul? I was there then; I am there now.

After the baby was born, my friend needed a car. I found a free car for her in 48 hours. She needed to find housing. I found different types and also offered my own home to her and her daughter if she could not find what she wanted; I promised that they would not be out on the street, etc.

I don't tick down the roster for self-glorification; I've done nothing good compared to the ruin my life has caused. But it is to say that I have been there and I will be there, because it is not a charity to love and befriend. It is the synergy of sharing this planet with others and inviting them into your life.

Does anyone believe that they are themselves not in a position of need? I tell you the scenario is a fantasy! Are there levels we exist on wherein we "reach down" off our high horse and dispassionately extend, to the "grateful, lower masses", some nugget of impersonal assistance without posessing ourselves the humble destitution of human nature and exigency? Can anyone who gives not receive? I am eternally grateful for what others have to teach and offer.

When I was so sick for so long that I was unable to even converse on the phone, my dear friend, the girl "accosted" at the abortion clinic, left me messages of love and encouragement that would have me weeping. She was my angel. She was and is a better friend than I!

From the beginning of our friendship she never left me and I never left her, and we both came out smiling. That is feminism. Crying at 3 A.M. because another woman held your hand all the way into the abortion clinic is not.

I've got news for George Carlin: if a problem is big enough to "warrant" abortion, it will never be solved by abortion, and women deserve better than the added insult.

I am living proof that people who oppose abortion are there long after the baby is born. Additionally, many who are opposed to abortion are there long after the mechanical whirring of the aspirator shuts off and the baby is "not born".

Traditionally, abortion supporters refused to admit that a normal woman, that is to say a woman who was not seriously mentally ill, was even capable of regretting the self-imposed child loss experience that is abortion. It is only now, after "pro-lifers", who "don't care about women", pioneered the massive "post-abortion healing" movement, that the idea is in vogue and abortion supporters decide they give a flying fig about women after abortion.

I suspect it is less about women and more about keeping up appearances. George Carlin would probably disagree. But hey, he's too sexy for this blog.

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