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:: Tuesday, October 05, 2004 ::

Today's Sidewalk Talk is kind of long but worth it.
Excerpted from Patte's journal:

"Arnold Palmer Hospital
Wednesday, 29 September, 2004
We were given a tour of the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit at Arnold Palmer Hospital. We saw extremely premature infants who were being cared for with the use of high tech machinery and skilled nurses and doctors. "Robbie" was born a month ago. Delivered at 23 weeks gestation (full term is 40 weeks), this little guy weighed only one pound. Robbie is a beautiful baby with a head of dark hair and the cutest little face. We couldn't help but remember that abortion is legal through all nine months of pregnancy in the state of Florida. Up through 24 weeks of pregnancy women are free to kill the babies in their womb for no reason at all, and although there are statutes that reflect restrictions on abortions from 25 weeks and beyond, Orlando Women's Center finds ways around the law; the abortionist is left to monitor himself, leaving the fox to mind the hen house. I have personally witnessed full term abortions on healthy moms and babies. We all marveled that we would be counseling abortion-bound women carrying infants just like little Robbie right after we left the hospital.

God says:
'Get up and get dressed. Go out and tell them whatever I tell you to say. Don't be afraid of them...For I am with you.' (Jeremiah 1:18-19)

Orlando Women's Center abortion clinic
Tuesday, 28 September, 2004
A 17-year-old hispanic girl named "Wanda" came to abort with her mom. She was examined and found to be 20 weeks pregnant, which means that she must have a labor-and-delivery abortion. Wanda's mom is putting a lot of pressure on her daughter to kill the baby. Wanda herself wants to go to school to become a medical secretary and she feels that this pregnancy is "in the way" of her plans. Wanda's mom is often the caregiver for Wanda's 3-year-old and doesn't want to handle more. One of us offered to babysit Wanda's children for her and also suggested that Wanda think about adoption. Thankfully Wanda didn't show up for the abortion.

Orland Women's Center abortion clinic
Thursday, 30 September, 2004
Late term abortion day
We brought the mobile unit and offered ultrasound to the 20 aborting women. Mark performed three ultrasounds. All of them decided not to abort.

'Clips' of our day:
By7am, 28 women and men were waiting at the abortion clinic door.

* Janet *, a local 'preacher', leads the prayer ministry at her church. She was wearing a "What Would Jesus Do" T-shirt,which had a big picture of Jesus on it. Why was she at the abortion clinic? Janet was killing a child for the second time. Although I spoke truth and life to Janet, she waved me off, saying: 'I've already prayed about this.' After she killed her second baby, we had a powerful time sharing the true gospelwith her. She had never heard the gospel preached through the Law of God before. Her mouth was stopped, she was caught in her sin and she realized her lost condition and her need for a Savior for the first time in her life. Janet wanted me to meet her pastor and invited me to her church.

*George* sauntered up to the clinic doors with his lover * Luanne * who was pregnant with his child. George saw that we had brought our mobile unit and asked: "Do you have porn in there?" He repeated this question throughout the morning.

*Dora and Sylvester* brought both of their children with them as they tried to make an appointment to kill yet another child.They had aborted a baby a year ago. Mark did an ultrasound and Dora got to see her little one. When Mark put his hand on Dora's shoulder and asked her: "Do you really want this abortion?" she broke down in tears. Sylvester tried to comfort her, assuring Dora that they didn't have to abort this one.

*Hassan* brought an acquaintence named * Sheila * to murder her baby. A serious Muslim from Morrocco, Hassan admitted that the Koran forbids the shedding of innocent blood. Hassan explained: "When I come to America, I don't want people to think I am a bad, crazy Muslim. I want them to know that I am a good guy. When Sheila asked me to take her to the abortion clinic, how could I say no?"

*Mimi* is 35, from Ecudor and has two children. She isseparated from her husband. Her lover (and the father of this child) is abusive. Mark invited her to have an ultrasound and she readily agreed. Mimi saw her little baby and after nearly an hour of counseling inside the mobile unit, Mimi decided to trust God and have her baby. We sent her right over to Dr. Fernandes in Kissimmee so that she could establish him as her obstetrician. Mimi is early in her pregnancy and really needs some Christian buds (in the Sand Lake area) who speak Spanish. She is strongly considering adoption at this time.

*I showed the graphic abortion film (on our portable DVD player) separately to both *James and Rachel*. They had accompanied women to the clinic. Although they were both shocked at the brutality and bloodbath of abortion, neither one of them made any attempt to convince their friends not to abort.

A lot of the women showing up today cited their reason for late term abortion as being "I just don't want more kids," and half of them have aborted before.

Get ready to flip your wig...
This is Orlando. One of the clinic employees plays worship music on her way to the clinic.The staff nurse practitioner is a member of a Baptist church. One of the abortionists goes to church and has been attending a weekly bible study for over 10 years. Another veteran abortionist, Emil Felski, has been seen regularly attending Northland Church. He greets us with his middle finger each week. I remember meeting two sisters who'd come for abortion (not their first). Their 40-year-old mom (who told her girls that she would have an abortion if she was to get pregnant) met her live-in boyfriend at the Northland singles group. They go to Northland every week. This is the state of the church today.

When was the last time you heard the words 'abortion' and 'sin' used in the same sentence in a sermon by your pastor? With 20,000 women and men murdering their infants each year in our city, don't you think that it should be mentioned regularly in the church? How many couples are living together in your church? How many are sleeping with the person they're dating? Do you know that I have heard of people who are shacking up participating in mission trips? Isn't that a shame?

We talk to women and men from all over the world: Morocco, Brazil, Haiti, Guatamala, Mexico, Equador, etc. We have an international mission field right here at the Orlando Women's Center abortion clinic."

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