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:: Tuesday, October 26, 2004 ::

A little more on this woman...

Someone in the know writes:

"She got pregnant again, and again, testing showed that the fetus had cystic fibrosis. This time she let the baby live, because she knew how much killing her first child had hurt and how wrong it had been. So what she learned from aborting her first daughter saved her second daughter.

It all makes me wonder what kind of "counseling" she got in the first place.
Two of my friends died from CF, one at age 24, the other at 27. The 27-year-old, at the time of his death, had been the oldest CF survivor to date. Now it's not unusual at all for them to live into their 30's. My friend [name omitted] was a NICU mom -- one of the other NICU moms at that hospital was the first CF patient to have a baby after a heart/lung transplant. So what did the "counselors" tell that woman about CF? In what way did those counselors denegrate the lives of my friends, and other people like them, to scare that woman into an abortion?"

I just can't highlight this case enough. It's another boon of evidence. Here is a direct link to the very heartbreaking photos of the woman and her child. Take a good look. This kid would have more than likely lived to her 30's. Maybe longer with new technology.

She should have:

seen a sunset
tasted chocolate
smelled a puppy's breath
hugged a teddybear
laughed at a joke
blown out birthday candles
had a first kiss
hummed a happy tune
experienced love.

1. She didn't have a choice.
2. No one has the right to do this.

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