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:: Sunday, October 10, 2004 ::

I'm voting for Bush. That being said, I think his civil rights-related arguments sucked a big butt. I mean, WHERE IS THIS GUY'S FACT MAN???

Kerry: Yes, I voted for partial birth abortion, but it's not that simple. I don't like it, but there has to be a health exception.

Bush: It is that simple. Either you're for it or you're against it. Pretty simple to me.

Well, that statement made Bush look like he didn't give a rat's pink puckered toot hole about sick women. What he should have said was:

Bush: Ah, but you're not telling the American people that the American Medical Association, which supports abortion, says PBA is NEVER medically necessary. A C-section can be performed that far along to preserve both the mother and child's health. Mothers deserve to have their health and their children and should not have to choose between one or the other. I want to ensure a woman's right to both.

Here's another suck-a-roo:

Kerry: I'm against parental consent because I wouldn't ask a pregnant teen, raped by her father, to seek his permission to abort his child.

I don't believe Bush responded directly to that at all. What he should have said:

Bush: First, the kind of case you're talking about accounts for less than two percent of all abortions. Over ninety-three percent of abortions are performed electively. It is neither economical nor rational to abandon over ninety-three percent of teens to bad law for the benefit of less than two percent. Additionally, in the only studies on the subject of abortion for incest, most moms wanted to keep their children because they felt that it was the only chance of: a) escaping the abuse and/or b) having any semblance of a normal relationship with a family member, i.e., someone who would love the abused person without wanting sex from them (or covering up crimes against them). Lastly, you wouldn't have to worry about a girl in this situation asking her rapist father for permission to abort. As in so many of these cases, he would be the one driving her to the clinic to abort whether she liked it or not. He would not want his crime exposed and would seek to get rid of the evidence so that he could continue the abuse. Abortion in these cases perpetuates child abuse. Women deserve better. I seek to expose this abuse and protect ALL of our young American girls. Not just two percent of them.

Why oh why won't someone tell the prez how to educate this country on abortion, a topic he claims to be deeply concerned about? Even if he DIDN'T get the presidency again, he could take these debates as a massive opportunity to give the American people something to actually think about. It makes me wonder that perhaps the president is against abortion without thinking. While it may be that clear to people fortunate enough to have such morals, many of us aren't so lucky, and killing a child seems as reasonable as abortion supporters have led us to believe. We need not only someone who will rail against the status quo but also someone who can explain why abortion is not the answer.

On the flip side, President Bush gets five points for mentioning the Dred Scott case.

(See how I ended on a positive note? Five points for me!)

:: ashli 6:11 PM # ::

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