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my view from the prison of a SICLE (Self-Imposed Child Loss Experience) due to debilitating maternal disease
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:: Wednesday, October 20, 2004 ::

I thought this article was rad. If you don't have time to read all of it, here are the bullets:

* Three out of five pregnant African-American women will abort their child.

* An estimated 1,452 African-American children are killed each day by the heinous act of abortion.

* Between 1882 and 1968, three thousand, four hundred forty-six blacks were lynched in the United States - a number surpassed in less than three days by abortion.

* Approximately one-third of all abortions are performed on black women (who only make up 12.7% of the U.S. population).

"Like a boil that can never be cured so long as it is covered up but must be opened with all its ugliness to the natural medicines of air and light, injustice must be exposed, with all the tension its exposure creates, to the light of human conscience and the air of national opinion before it can be cured." ~Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

"The murder of my son has shown me that what happens to any of us, anywhere in the world, had better be the business of us all." ~Mamie Bradley (Emmett Till's mother)

Tell a friend.

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