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:: Tuesday, October 26, 2004 ::

Go here and click on "Watch The Video".

The video is kind of hokey, but the morphs are really cool and make the point of how important a single life is. I wasn't really prepared for the sweet imagery at the very end. There was something haunting about watching all the children appear like that. It was a very visual way to express that whole "empty playgrounds" phenomena that Norma McCorvey (formerly "Jane Roe") talks about. Kind of made me well up a little.

I'd like to hear some cool rockers write some songs for change instead of songs for "choice". Wouldn't it be great if the Cure wrote a "pro-life" song? Instead we've got Pat Boone. God love him, but someone has GOT to update the anti-abortion image. I don't mean to offend, but aren't there any popular musicians who care about women and children properly?

:: ashli 4:51 PM # ::

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