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:: Wednesday, October 27, 2004 ::

Evidently John Kerry thinks that cutting off limbs, ears and heads is uncool. The documentary is free, streaming video and FASCINATING. Even if you could give a rip about the upcoming election or even politics in general, the film reads as a piece straight from the History Channel. These are the personal stories of people who have been there and suffered first hand.

As they recount horrific stories of torture so excruciating that it lead them to act contrary to their will... as they speak of the disgusting reaction of the very people they were trying to protect and spare... I feet, on many levels, a certain kinship.

This isn' at all to say that aborting my child because of torture and neglect qualifies me as a Vietnam Vet. It isn't to say that being ostracized by the very women that I'm trying to protect amounts to sacrificing a body part for people who want to spit in my eye.

I simply feel something relative regarding the spirit of the suffering expressed and the indignity that has been unjustly coupled to it. And even though the liberal media tries to stifle these dear men, I am glad they have a voice in this world. God save those who do not.

:: ashli 10:38 PM # ::

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