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:: Saturday, May 01, 2004 ::

Smattering of "pro-life" news:

The Abortion Shuffle
John Kerry in 1972:
"It's a tragic day in the lives of everybody when abortion is
looked on as an alternative to birth control or as an alternative to having a child. I think that's wrong. It should be the very last thing if it has to be anything, and I say that not just because I'm opposed to abortion but because I think that's common sense."

How can you prove that PBA is never medically necessary if you can't provide the evidence?

An abortion business owner, who was forced to give up his medical license in Pennsylvania because of his questionable medical practices, allowed an abortionist, who has been disciplined multiple times for unsafe practices and has been sued for malpractice (outstanding $50,000 medical malpractice suit against him because of pain and profuse bleeding suffered by a woman he aborted), to perform abortions without a medical license. A spokeswoman for the abortion businessis tried to defuse attention away from the abortion center's troubles by attacking pro-life activists in Pennsylvania.

She claimed that the abortion businesses had "been victim to a lot of gossip, a lot of inaccuracies and misinformation," and added, "We provide excellent care."

(The abortion chain has a history of hiring staff with questionable credentials.)

A few days later she ate those words when she admitted, "As soon as we confirmed that Dr. Brookman's license was not active, Dr. Brookman was terminated and is no longer working in any of our offices." Looks like the only misinformed people were the spokeswoman and her abortion cronies. D'oh!

"Pro-choicers" who attended the march don't represent majority of Americans.

Most Hispanics are "pro-life" and were misrepresented in the march by key Hispanic groups.

In a very recent Zogby poll, Hispanics support a pro-life position by a 78-21 percent margin, and African Americans back the pro-life perspective 62-38. In the same poll, 60 percent of 18-29 year-olds took one of three varying pro-life positions on abortion while only 39 percent agreed with the three pro-abortion stances.

"The other side is completely befuddled by the 'ingratitude' of
our generation for the 'right' to abortion," a pro-life woman born after Roe v. Wade concludes. "Yet, young people recognize that harm has been done to each of us as a result of losing 43 million peers. And by seeing family and friends that have suffered following their own abortions, we know that abortion hurts women."

While abortion advocates claim that some "1,150,000 Marched on Washington, D.C. to Voice Opposition to Government Attacks on Women's Reproductive Rights and Health", D.C. police estimated that 250,000 people participated in the pro-abortion march (and many were "pro-life" counterdemonstrators). D'oh!

In describing the pro-abortion march, a member of the Family Research Council said organizers couldn't find enough people who supported abortion to attend. As a result anti-Bush, anti-war, and anti-globalization protesters were invited to swell the ranks.

"If there was such an outcry from American women to further the abortion-on-demand agenda, the groups marching today would not have had to open their rally to anti-war, anti-Bush and all sorts of other protesters just to fill the national mall."

Bush advisor comments on march numbers saying September 11th has caused many Americans to value life more. Projecting the statement on "pro-choicers", Planned Parenthood president Gloria Feldt demands apology, saying:

"It is outrageous to suggest that those of us who challenge this administration's attacks on reproductive rights and access do not value life and human dignity. Indeed, it is because we value life and human dignity that we support..." maiming and killing women and children in "safe", legal abortion.

"Pro-life" students choked and bled by "pro-choice" NARAL members at Kerry rally.

"I have never been manhandled like that before -- pushed around, shoved and tossed -- it was ridiculous," Edmiston said. "I really felt violated, they had no right to touch me like that. So much for 'my body, my choice.'"

One NARAL member told Suanne that her mother should have aborted her. (The basic message: "You're an inconvenience to me; you should have been killed before birth.") Nice.

An abortion advocate in attendance started snapping pictures when another abortion advocate pushed him, put her hands in his face trying to block him, and shouted, "You can't take pictures of that!"

What?! An abortion advocate trying to hurt someone and then keep it a secret? Isn't THAT interesting?

Police did nothing to prevent the illegal abuse and were amused by it, later seen chuckling about it.

Another photographer was hit over the head with a pro-abortion sign until bleeding to prevent him from recording photographic evidence of the assault.

As Abortion Advocates March, Woman's Abortion-related Suicide Reveals Horror of Abortion...

"Shelly took some of each drug and washed it down
with the vodka.

She went into her bedroom. Above her bed was a photo of the Lord's heavenly banquet. On the side of her bed were two angels. Shelly put her rosary around her neck. An empty bottle of holy water was on her dresser. She opened her journal to the day of her abortion. She laid her head on her pillow. She fell asleep. She never woke up."

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