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:: Saturday, May 01, 2004 ::

More on the "pro-lifers" assaulted by "pro-choicers" at the march...

From an outraged reader:

"Remember the article the AP put out about the "March for Women's Lives" in DC last weekend? They mentioned an incident where they claimed an "anti-abortion activist" threw an ink filled plastic egg at a pro-choice sign. Well, they got it wrong. It was a pro-choice activist, and they threw the egg, not at a sign, but at a pro-life activist, hitting him in the temple. Here's a link to the pictures.



(By the way, the website is that of a "pro-choice" activist who was there at the event. I don't know how long she'll keep the photos up, considering how damaging they are to her agenda.)

Here are some of her photos (pre-egging) proving this was, indeed, a pro-life activist hit with the egg. Not the other way around.

standing in the gap

pro-life sign

(If you view all the photos this woman took, you can also see this man and the pro-life woman who is comforting him, in some of the photos before the incident took place)

By the way, several pro-abortion organizations talked about throwing paint on pro-life activists before the march. I'd say that shows pre-meditation. Here's a copy of their quotes before the march. (the original is on WorldNetDaily.com):

'Pro-lifers expect confrontation at NOW march
Abortion advocates vow to strike back during massive D.C. event'
Posted: April 22, 2004
1:00 a.m. Eastern

A group advocating abortion has threatened destructive and
confrontational tactics against pro-life counter-protestors during the upcoming pro-abortion "March for Women's Lives" rally in Washington D.C.

In an alert sent to supporters, the Radical Cheerleaders of DC said engaging abortion opponents in debate is useless "because they are irrational and will not listen to you," so one way to handle them is to destroy their property, because "a thick layer of paint could really complement a bloody fetus picture," according to the Washington-based Culture of Life Foundation .

The event Sunday is described by the National Organization for Women, or NOW, as the "the most significant and massive abortion rights march in over a decade."

The organizers expect hundreds of thousands of participants from about 1,400 organizations and 53 countries.

The Culture of Life Foundation says abortion advocates are angered by the plans of pro-life demonstrators to congregate along the march route and gather in groupings such as parents with small children and infants, women who have had abortions, college students, pro-abortion converts
and clergy.

NOW says on its website the First Amendment grants pro-lifers "the right to hold a counter-protest, but it does not grant them the right to interfere with our demonstration."

The Radical Cheerleaders said it calls upon "feminists, radical
cheerleaders, anti-authoritarians, [and] anarchists" to "rise up against a tyrannical government which threatens to penetrate women's bodies with its laws."

The group, which claims the pro-choice movement has not done enough for women, held a "guerilla workshop" in January to practice organized resistance for the march, Culture of Life Foundation said.

Sponsors of the march have invited anti-globalization groups, who already will be in Washington to protest the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

Randall Terry, founder of the pro-life group Operation Rescue, has said he will participate in counter-demonstration to the march, dubbed "Operation Witness."

"The pro-abortion movement is frantic at their losses," he said in a statement. "They know we will prevail and make abortion illegal again and their pathetic death march will do nothing to stop our inevitable victory."

Operation Witness says it expects over 1,000 counter-demonstrators.

A spinoff of Operation Rescue, Operation Rescue West, says it "will expose the bloody truth" behind the "deceptive" march with "Truth Trucks" outfitted with graphic signs depicting the remains of aborted children.

The group says some pro-abortion advocates have vowed to vandalize trucks, which will be on the streets of the nation's capital for three days prior to the march.

"Since half of the 1.2 million babies aborted in our nation each year are female, the 'March for Women's Lives' is a sick joke, grossly misnamed," said Operation Rescue West's president, Troy Newman. "The Truth Trucks will confront this hypocrisy with the grisly truth that cannot be ignored: Abortion isn't about helping women; it is about dismembering healthy human babies."

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