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:: Thursday, May 27, 2004 ::

Hey, gang! This one wins my emetic site of the week award:

Coalition for Positive Sexuality

In addition to a comprehensive and easy to read chart on state by state parental consent laws, you can learn more about how to evade your state laws (and how to embrace homosexuality, bisexuality, etc.).

You'll hear such standard favorites as:

"Any reason we have for choosing abortion is a good reason."

"Abortion has few risks."

And as an added bonus, they even include the always rockin':

"Don't swallow poison," which, of course, is chased by a slew of information on how to obtain RU486. Makes perfect sense!

The CPS... it slices, dices and juliennes any hopes you may have had for humanity!

Planned Parenthood would be proud!

So gather the whole family 'round the 'puter and have your emesis basins at the ready! For more lies and morally devoid filth than you can shake a barfbag at, visit the CPS today! You'll be sad you did!

:: ashli 12:01 PM # ::

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