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:: Tuesday, May 18, 2004 ::

From a friend who "sidewalk counsels":

"I think the saddest case today was a 20 something girl, with Mom and Grandmom in tow. The latter two, we think, were along for the show and weren't the least dismayed with the blonde's decision to kill their helpless little family member. Actually they were giggly. Then "dad" showed up. He told us he didn't want this baby killed... but of course, it didn't make any difference. He has no rights at all regarding his own child, the child he helped to make. The girly trio were going to get rid of this kid no matter, and we guess they did, right over poor Dad's objections... I can't imagine how he must have felt standing there as his child was being killed inside. The signs the others were holding actually drew the Dad over to chat, and that's how we found out the story. I don't use signs but when they are all stacked outside an abortuary, the have a profound effect."

Another excerpt from the other day:

"Pathetic to see a mom in her jammies in active labor coming to deliver her dead third baby...I apologized for not being there to talk to her yesterday before she had the little one killed. She said she had to do this. Dad came over for post abortion stuff I had. They put out their cigarettes and said thanks and went in to 502 S. Magnolia to await the "stillbirth" of their third child.

They say it's about choice, but that child will never get to choose... Who asked him/her this morning if he/she wanted to die yesterday???

At least ten others died. Four that were over 20 weeks...It gets harder and harder."

Pendergraft did take Mother's day off. I for one am thoroughly surprised. He certainly doesn't take Sunday's off. He goes to church and then goes to "work".

:: ashli 6:02 PM # ::

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