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:: Wednesday, April 07, 2004 ::

Well, it's charity time at the SICLE Cell...

I have a new friend who worked for four years at the abortion business where I killed my child. She found out she had cancer and did some major reflecting on her life. She struck up a friendship with the "sidewalk counselor" who she had been uber mean to for two years. She became a Christian, and just stopped working at the abortion business last month. She has not been able to find a new job yet and is hurting for money. She is in her sixties and could just go back to the abortion business to pay necessary bills, but she hasn't and hopefully isn't.

Her son has been AWOL from her life for several years. She didn't even know if he was still alive until her daughter dug up a picture of him off the internet; he's in prison.

Believe it or not, her daughter works at an abortion business. The daughter has just been diagnosed with MS. Mom wants her out of there. Maybe she will also reflect and decide to leave at some point.

If no one provided abortion procedures abortion would not exist no matter how legal it was. One way to BE "pro-life" is to help people get out of the business and STAY OUT of the business. Very, very often the people who work at these places are extremely wounded, dysfunctional folks. They need help and compassion; they need to see that there's something better for them than that environment. They need to see that there's something better in people than what they expect which is usually very little.

Even if you feel no compassion for this woman, one way to express your displeasure at the abortionist who lost her "invaluable" services is to send her a little donation. Abortion businesses have a tendency to have high turn-over rates, and this woman worked there for four years. They lost a dependable ally when they lost her, and she would like to see her daughter leave as well. Helping her not only helps her, but it also sticks it to "the man".

The more faithful employees that the abortion industry loses, the better.

If you would like to send a donation to her, please email me and I will send you her address.

It is ok to say "I'm so proud of you for getting out of the abortion business," but it is not ok to make judgemental comments no matter how angry you might be. We should focus on the positive change she is making now. No one should give her any reason to give up the intense financial struggle she is going through to go slinking back, defeated, to the abortion business that is more than happy and willing to cut her a check.

Be smart, and try a little lovin'.

:: ashli 9:19 PM # ::

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