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:: Saturday, April 03, 2004 ::

This comment reprinted with permission:

"I worked for 7 years in a hospital that performed abortions. One woman had tickets for a cruise and didn't want to deal with nausea on vacation, so she aborted her baby. Another woman had had 11 abortions! When she decided to keep #12, her poor cervix couldn't handle it and she delivered at 24 weeks. (Anyone surprised?)

I had hundreds of abortion reports cross my desk (I was in Medical Records) and only ONE was due to a fetal anomaly (not one that would cause death, just an 'imperfect' baby).

The one that really hurt was the woman who didn't want both twins she was carrying so she had a 'selective abortion'. I had a hard time looking that doctor in the eyes again after that; I was so disgusted. I don't remember ever looking at a chart and saying 'now that's a pretty good reason to have an abortion.' There never were any reasons 'pretty good' enough."

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