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:: Monday, April 26, 2004 ::

Thanks to a reader for this email:

"Actually, it's 'Whoopi' without the 'e.' She claims to have self-aborted with a coat hanger when she was 14 in the bad old coat hanger days, so maybe she's the one verified case. It hard to say, since sources give her birth year as 1949, 1950, 1954 and 1955. New York legalized abortion in 1968 so if it's 1955 the coat hanger days might have been over by then (though maybe not for 14 year olds)."

I read Whoopi's account in the "Choices We Made" book. She has reportedly lost 6 children by abortion. It is merely a method of birth control that has worked well enough for her, and she avidly supports it. (I would too if I killed six of my kids that way, otherwise I'd go nuts.) She is out and proud about abortion and is a big abortion activist. It serves her purpose to claim that at 14-years-old she rammed a coathanger up her cooch and effectively skewered one of her kids, but the claim is it is not documented.

Personally, I doubt the validity of the story. She's 14, untwists a coathanger, pogos on it in a public toilet for a few minutes and voila!: aborts her baby without any complication. Yeeeeah, right. But if it IS true... shouldn't she then be the posterchild for safe coathanger abortions? I mean, it supposedly worked just dandy for her and cost her a lot less than the PP abortions. Wouldn't free, safe, coathanger abortions be better for poor women?

There are other accounts of abortion in the book, including Rita Moreno's story, Margot Kidder's Lysol abortion story, etc., which really sort of backfires and reads as an advertisement for the "pro-life" movement.

The story that stood out the most for me was a guy who lost his mother in a LEGAL abortion (if I'm remembering correctly), suffered terribly from the loss and somehow concluded that his story was the reason why abortion should remain legal. I will never know how he never came to the conclusion that if his mommy had not aborted, she would be alive along with a sibling he would have loved for a lifetime. Abortion was THE problem for his family, not a solution that should be protected.

It makes no sense to build a small mountain of fluffy pillows on a freeway directly underneath the bridge you plan to jump off of. The safest, sanest thing is not to jump off the bridge, hello (especially if you're holding a baby).

:: ashli 12:56 PM # ::

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