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:: Tuesday, April 27, 2004 ::

Smattering of various photos from the abortion march in this email from a friend:

1. "I'm not sure, but I think that a *lack* of government might result in far more violence.

2. Wait, what are we here for again? Oh well...

3. March for abortion?

4. Dubya love

5. Uhm, what? Punishing a criminal for killing a baby that a mother *chose* to have is racist, sexist, and oppressive? Huh!?

6. 3 out of 5 black children die in abortion, so yes, NOW, please stop your racism. Again, good to see that this march was all about "choice" and the numbers weren't at all padded.

7. Poor flag. Let's see ... No WTO... No to Iraq... Punk Patch... Earth First... hmmm... Choice? Nadda.

8. Another abortion supporter???

9. Ah! Finally someone for choice!!

10. Kill a baby, burn a flag.

11. Poor Choicer reacts with a snazzy little slogan to a hurting, praying woman; ooo bip!

12. Warning, this one's not appropriate if you can read.

13. This makes a fine point for abortion...in bizarro world...

14. Earth First! ... Right after we're done trashing it with our abortion-supporting signs.

15. More Dubya love

16. Cause a baby is just like a prostate!

17. End Hatred! We white people in militia garb are against racist action! We're for peace, but we'll FIGHT for Choice!!

18. Screamin' at those dangerous 'lifers.

19. Barely containing amusement at those silly "I regret my abortion," signs.

20. Tension

21. Shiney happy people for the health and happiness that is destroying children in abortion.

22. This woman is against wrinkle-free clothing?

23. The face of "choice".
(Ashli: Along with the photos of starving children and aborted babies, this is one of the saddest pictures I have ever seen.)

24. Check out the hand-painted, black and white sign on the left, now there's a bit of logic for ya... Long hair???

25. Crowd shot.

26. If you can't say something nice... you might be an abortion supporter at the abortion march. (Look at the photo's caption)

27. Yelling at priests.

28. Peace lovin' choicers.

29. Look at the sign that says "Abortion is Healthcare." The baby on the other sign doesn't look very healthy to me.

30. Killin' the chil'ren and so proud of it!

31. Blind.

32. A man educates a woman about her "rights".

33. Cheese!

34. "It's fake! You can see the wires!"

35. Perspective

36. OK, whose body are we talking about?

37. Splat goes the ink filled egg. The AP claims it was an "anti-abortion activist who threw the egg at a "pro-choice activist", but you can clearly see the anti-abortion photo in the background. Guess the proof is in the picture, eh?

38. Enough said.

39. This woman needs a biology lesson.

40. The picture is mundane. Read the fascinating paranoia below it."

:: ashli 4:41 PM # ::

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