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:: Wednesday, April 07, 2004 ::

Ohhh, the FDA is thinkin' 'bout crackin' down on sonograms because they might cause left-handedness or speech delays or other such horrors.

And OF COURSE the only reason the FDA is interested in cracking down is because they care about human health...

...which explains why the FDA approved the dangerous RU-486 drug that has been killing women ever since:

"Just weeks before the FDA approved RU-486, Searle pharmaceutical company, the manufacturer of misoprostol, issued a sternly worded 'physician alert' to the FDA and to every obstetrician and gynecologist in the country, warning that misoprostol 'is not approved for the induction of labour or abortion.'"

There is much proof that RU-486 is dangerous, even deadly, and very little evidence that sonograms cause any harm at all. What is the FDA thinking?

If sonograms become available only through physicians then most crisis pregnancy centers will not be able to offer them to moms in crisis pregnancies. This would virtually remove the use of sonograms from the "pro-life" movement, and the abortion rate/profit would increase.


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