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:: Tuesday, April 13, 2004 ::

More than 1/4 of Girl Scouts troops work with Planned Parenthood!

In addition, 79% of Girl Scout councils refused to say whether or not they worked with PP.

PP's Girl Scout-related function is to teach sex education to young girls.

Of 315 Girl Scout councils, 17 work with PP, 49 do not and 249 refused to say.

"...one council's CEO admitted she was told to keep silent, and told STOPP (an organization that opposes the PP's abortion agenda), 'I have been instructed to say 'no
comment' to whatever you ask.'"

Why the secrecy? If partnering with PP was so beneficial and positive, wouldn't Girl Scouts want the whole world to know about the relationship? Wouldn't they want parents to know that their little girls were learning about the birds and the bees (and the birds and the birds) from Planned Parenthood?

"'It is important to understand, we are not at war with the Girl Scouts, but that we are trying to protect young girls from the evils of Planned Parenthood,' said Sedlak. 'We are simply asking , that Girl Scout councils stop their partnership with Planned Parenthood.'"

Once little girls are exposed to PP in a safe, respected environment, the message is that PP is a name they can trust. Who then will they go to when they are pregnant and scared to tell their parents? If there's no hidden agenda, why is the Girl Scout/PP association hidden?

:: ashli 9:01 AM # ::

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