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:: Friday, April 09, 2004 ::

I only had one person write me about the ex-abortion clinic worker. No one has written to send a baby boy gift to the mom who chose life against odds. Still no word on a child with Down's.

I am broke. I'm going to send the ex-worker five bucks. It's a gesture. It's a trickle of gas. It's something. Anyone else want to match five bucks?

I'm going to send the baby boy a Wal-Mart gift certificate for $10 so Mom can buy some diapers. Shipping on diapers would be too expensive, thus the card. Anyone want to match that or just buy a $5 gift and send? We're talking a rattle or a paci or a tube of diaper rash ointment here.

Contact me. I have addresses.

The ex-abortion clinic worker's address is a filter address. I.e., it doesn't go to her home address. It goes through someone else who will make sure the mail is appropriate before giving it to her. This was per her request. She has seen a lot, and as you can imagine, there are trust issues.

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