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:: Sunday, April 11, 2004 ::

Gay and oppose abortion?

"Dear Members and Friends of PLAGAL,

In January the Board of Directors voted to participate in a
counter demonstration in DC on April 25th against the March
For Choice. We are in the final stages of planning. We are
writing today to get a feel for how many people will be able
to participate in the event. Please reply to this email if
you are able to participate. We will be sending more info
soon with detailed instructions on the demonstration.

Cecilia Brown

Whether we support or oppose homosexuality, abortion is discrimination and a massive violation of human rights. It seems to me, all abortion opposition is welcome.

Typically homo/bisexuals are associated with abortion advocacy, but as I mentioned before, if scientists ever find a gay gene and there's a prenatal test for it, there are going to be lots of little gay boys and girls at the bottom of abortion clinic garbage disposals.

:: ashli 7:34 AM # ::

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