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:: Monday, April 26, 2004 ::

Coverage is as coverage does. The media's intense love affair with abortion continues.

The march for death is one of the three lead stories on AOL's welcome menu... while the March for Life was NOWHERE to be seen back in January.

The gratuitous coverage of the abortion-supporting "March for Lies" is just another attempt by the media to tell America what she wants.

The article, however, cites two major actions that have miffed and terrified abortion advocates everywhere: the ban on partial birth abortion and giving the baby rights apart from the mother in murder cases such as Laci and Conner Peterson's. Most Americans, including many abortion-supporters, are against PBA and agree that Conner's murder should be avenged. The article doesn't tell you that. Instead it reports the fringe as the norm.

The media makes sure to mention the presence of such Hollywood personalities as Susan Sarandon and Ashley Judd (who both have enough money and pull to help eliminate some of the problems that abandon women to abortion) and Whoopie Goldberg, currently the star of a children's show for preschoolers, arrived with her coathanger to advocate the elimination of at least a quarter of her future viewers.

Nice photo of the march packing out the mall and teeny tiny mention of counter demonstrations painted in such a way that, once again, makes dissenters look like dangerous lunatics.

"A much smaller number of anti-abortion activists lined several blocks along the march route. From behind steel barricades and under the watchful eye of police, they prayed and chanted "shame on you'' as they waved giant posters showing a fetus at eight weeks."

The abortion supporting marchers have killed over 40 million children and counting and WE are the dangerous ones. Uhhhh...

And this mother/daughter tag team of death is touching:

"Andrea Fleming, a senior in college, came from Orrville, Ohio, with her mother. She said the right to choose is a guarantee that must not be taken away. "I don't think anybody believes abortion is a good thing, but making it illegal isn't going to stop it,'' she said."

You know, rape isn't a good thing either, but we don't protect the choice of rape in order to enable the rapist to commit a crime against humanity in a way that will be safest for the rapist.

That isn't the answer for the injustice and cruelty of rape and it isn't the answer for the injustice and cruelty of abortion.

In the end, the people who support abortion are the people who will lose their children in abortions. Their children would have been more likely to support abortion like their abortion-supporting parents. It's very sad, but they're burning themselves out.

Just imagine the crowd of people who would have marched the mall for abortion if they had not been slaughtered in abortions. Now THAT is something to report on.

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