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:: Tuesday, April 13, 2004 ::

Boo-boo time. Many of you do not know this, but when you send mail to the SICLE Cell, it does not go to me but to a filter who trashes the junk and vitriol and fwds me the productive emails. The person who has been so generously serving as my filter has been very busy and has not checked mail at the SICLE Cell for 60 days. Because of this, the account has gone inactive and I have not gotten any of the emails.

This is a relief! Because, of all the situations I've mentioned, only people who already have my primary email address have been able to write offering help, and that hasn't been many! I am hoping it was just an email error and not that people really are not interested in helping.

If you want to know the addresses of the three situations (mom dying of cancer, ex-abortion clinic worker, baby shower for mom who left abortion clinic) or if you know of an available Down Syndrome adoption situation (i.e., a birthmom who wants to make an adoption plan for her child with Down's) please write my primary email address.

I'll try and work the bugs out of my SICLE Cell email in the mean time, because I WANT MY FILTER BACK!

UPDATE: I think mail is up and running again at the Cell.

:: ashli 7:44 AM # ::

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