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:: Friday, April 09, 2004 ::

Abortion supporters strongly believe that parents should have the legal right to harm our children but no legal right to keep them safe.

The mom of this 15-year-old was kept in the dark. And the sad thing is, even when she found out that an abortion had begun, she was totally LIED to by the abortion business who said that the girl "had to" complete her very expensive abortion procedure. In reality, there had been hope for the baby and the 15-year-old mom. The abortion business was given complete trust however, and both the 15-year-old and her baby were killed.

I just want to reiterate the fact that a "pro-choice" abortion business lied to this young teenager and her mother by telling them they had NO CHOICE but to complete the pricey abortion after laminaria insertion.

But the truth is:

"...according to eMedicine Journal, though there are some medical risks, 'pregnancies have safely been carried to term after laminaria insertion and removal.' In fact, many crisis
pregnancy centers offer laminaria removal for women who have
changed their minds after beginning the abortion procedure."

It is a travesty that in many states abortion businesses have more legal right to make decisions about our daughters' health than we do.

It is lunacy that our state governments are offering up our daughters and grandchildren on a silver platter to abortion businesses.

And even when parental rights laws are in place, abortion businesses like the one in the above article disregard the law and kill as they please. The idea is:

"If it becomes illegal, and I don't agree with it, I'm going to break the law."

It seems abortion supporters feel that choice is always up to the individual no matter who it hurts or what law (natural or otherwise) it breaks. But I suppose they've never really made a secret of that.

:: ashli 9:20 AM # ::

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