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:: Tuesday, April 13, 2004 ::

The 15-year-old girl who died in an abortion three months ago soaked an entire mattress with her blood upon returning home.

"WomanCare told her family that such bleeding was 'normal'
following an abortion, and not to take her to the hospital."

Her mother knew this advice didn't sound right and called the ambulance that the 15-year-old died in on the way to the hospital.

Remember, the teen broke down and told her mother and aunt about the baby and that laminaria had been inserted. She was obviously having doubts if she told at this point. The mom and aunt called the abortion facility to ask if the abortion procedure could be stopped and the clinic totally lied to them saying it could not. The abortion business made $2,000 off of the abortion of the 6-month baby.

"...23 lawsuits from the past 20 years had been
filed against WomanCare facilities and Alberto Hodari. All had
been dismissed, with many referring to an undisclosed settlement. The suits were filed for various injuries suffered as the result of abortions, including hysterectomies on 19, 22, and 23-year-old women, and even the death of Chivon Williams in 1996, who died after having a first-trimester abortion performed by Hodari."

Although the teen used fake ID, the ID was borrowed and the person in the picture looked nothing like the teen. Facility workers should have been able to spot right away that it was a fake ID.

Abortion supporters will not mention any of this at the "March for Women's Lives".

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