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:: Thursday, March 11, 2004 ::

Update on the 20-week baby:

Email I received:

"Thank you for the prayers...the cousin called about 2 PM and said *** had just called her to say they were leaving West Palm and that SHE WAS NOT ABORTING HER BABY....

God did it once again. ***, who does not support abortion, showed up just as *** and her mother arrived. He had their descriptions and called out ***'s name to talk. *** turned around and told him she was "Cindy" and her mom grimaced at him. They then promptly walked into the abortion business.

As he waited for *** to possibly come out so he could try and talk to her again, another young mom arrived with her boyfriend. Like ***, she was being pressured to kill her little one too. She came over to the sidewalk counselors, people who believe that women deserve better than abortion, to listen to what they had to say. *** LISTENED AND TURNED AWAY FROM KILLING HER BABY TOO.

One of the sidewalk counselors (aka "pro-lifers") is now giving her shelter at his home as she felt she could not leave with the boyfriend after choosing to have her baby. Pray for this little one...

The cousin of the mom of the 20 weeker, said she would call back soon to get more info about what I do at the abortion businesses. Do we have a neat young sidewalk counsellor in the making now too???

A divine day to say the least...for your prayers, I am eternally grateful..."

I wonder how many abortion clinic staffers invite the girls home to live with them when they have nowhere else to go.

:: ashli 8:32 AM # ::

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