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:: Monday, March 08, 2004 ::

Planned Parenthood backs out of its YMCA rental agreement.

Tina Smith, vice president of public affairs for Planned Parenthood, said they cancelled because the St. Paul Urban League (SPUL), a partner in the event, backed out.

The SPUL refuted Smith's claims that they were a partner saying that an individual within the SPUL volunteered on their own time and initiative.

Upon hearing the response Smith had this to say:

"There must be some confusion at the St.Paul Urban League. We have a signed contract and check from them in support of the events."

Hmmm... another case of associating with Planned Parenthood until the public finds out?

The YMCA is fully prepared to continue to rent it's facilities to Planned Parenthood in the future.

People opposed to PP's legacy of death and deception are fully prepared to continue bringing to light associations with PP.

Don't want controversy? Don't partner with an organization that lies to women and kills children.

Pretty simple.

:: ashli 9:21 AM # ::

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