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:: Tuesday, March 16, 2004 ::

On Monday, March 15, Emily blogged on the Catholics for a Free Choice. While it is true that all people from any diverse background can and should be concerned about abortion, those who use Christianity to promote abortion are the easiest to challenge.

Anyone who reads statements by these abortion-advocating groups will realize almost immediately that abortion, not Christianity, is their true religion.

Many of their appalling statements can be found in this most excellent blog entry by an atheist who reads from "religious" groups that God is nothing short of an abortionist. If God were an abortionist, who wouldn't be an atheist? But the truth is, these "religious" people have a self-serving agenda and anyone who studies the Bible knows that they are ultimately busted.

Yes, the Bible does say that God has given each of us free will.

"God has given us the right to choose, therefore He is pro-choice!" is usually one of the first things these misguided "religious" folk point out.

BUT they never finish with the second half of the concept of free will. In this, God tells the free individual exactly what to choose: life. How can choices that lead to death ever be from God when the Bible is chock full of God's warnings away from death?

One of the things you will notice about the "religious" abortion proponents' "spiritual" comments is that they are mushy and soft and require very little if anything from the individual. It's that whole, "I'm OK, You're OK" mentality where choices are simply choices with little repercussions as long as you set your mind to believing as you like.

The God of the Bible is not like this. He is not an idea or a concept who is formless, gives little guidance, and requires nothing of His subjects. A good parent, He gives His children the freedom to choose to make good and bad choices, but He makes it clear that if His children love Him, and if they want the best chance at a happy life they will choose to His specifications and not their own! This is what is meant by "dying to one's self"; we are given free will and asked to willingly forfeit it to a God who knows much better than we do.

These dippy "religious" coalitions do not cotton at all to this idea. As a gestating baby's existence is up to their personal interpretation, so too do they disallow God's being who He is. Instead, He is only who each individual says He is. "You are what I say you are." Sound familiar?

How then is it possible for there be one true God if we all get to define Him to our own personal, convenient specifications? If we whittle Him down to a God that fits our own rationalizations and understandings, it serves us very little other than to make it very easy to blame Him for all of the problems that come from the so-called "God-advocated" choices we ourselves make in lieu of His actual guidance. How can that be good enough for "religious" folk"? How much of an authority is God if he doesn't know any better than we do?

If everything in the Bible has to make sense to me before I will accept it, then I am my own God, and I need no one else. If some things don't make sense then that seems more realistic. Afterall, I don't need to understand thermonuclear dynamics to know that it exists anyway. I would hope that as a "religious" person I would trust that the God I believed in, the One who made the world and everything in it, would know better than I do. The "religious" groups for "choice" don't agree with this at all.

Read their comments at the atheist's blog mentioned above. They are all about self. When considering abortion, they advise women to pray and "ask yourself" this and "ask yourself" that. I, me, mine, I, me, mine. They call that consulting God. Who are these people fooling? The answer I'm afraid is a lot of others who enjoy the kind of shackling freedom that answers to no one. And there are many in our responsibility-loathing, toss-away society of convenience and self-obsession.

As the Bible reads, Christ did nothing that was convenient for Himself. In His example, He set Himself aside continuously for others. He did not consider His future, yet forfeited it for everyone else's future. The Bible tells us to think of others before ourselves. How can any of this be interpreted as God wanting us to think of ourselves first, even before the children in our wombs?

The folk who do not work diligently to acquaint themselves with the Bible are at risk of being led in the absolute wrong direction by Bible-thumpers who are concerned with conforming God to society and not the other way around.

Those who actually study the Bible, the book these "religious" liars claim to hold so dear, know that on this earth it has always been thus and thus will it always be. The Bible warns about these "religious" coalitions for "choice" and teaches that in order to spot people who lie in the name of God you have only to get to know God, who is not a wishy-washy, mushy, "anything goes" God who requires nothing. The God of the Bible has given His people everything, and to whom much is given, much is required. (Luke 12:48b)

The same God says not to murder, to choose life, that children are a blessing and a gift from Him, that He forms and knows people in the womb, and the Bible, yes, the Bible, refers to gestating children not as fetuses, but as CHILDREN.

Contrary to popular belief, the Bible is not erasable, and its wisdom shouts to all who care to pick it up and study it in total. The God of the Bible makes it clear that if you use your free will to choose death, you will get death and not all these happy Hallmarky puffs of smoke the "religious" coalitions are blowing up society's butt.

As I say, abortion is everyone's issue no matter how diverse their backgrounds or beliefs. However, if certain organizations want to play the "religious" angle in support of abortion, they had better be prepared to be liberally challenged and easily dismissed.

The best way for people to fight "pro-choice religious" propaganda is by studying the Bible. Then you can tell when God is being mocked and you are being manipulated.

People might find themselves duped by the "religious" organizations for "choice", but the God of the Bible is no rube; He is down with the 411.

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