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:: Monday, March 15, 2004 ::

My letter to John Kerry re: Rebecca Porter's sign:

Subject: Here's Your Sign

"When one of your staff members stole and destroyed a sign carried by a grieving mother hurt by abortion, he was showing that he was devoid of the compassion and tolerance that Democrats say they love and constantly demand.

It is disturbing that you say you care for women and yet when they tell you and your staffers how they feel your staffers abuse them to shut them up. That is oppression of women if I ever heard it.

I aborted my first child in the second trimester, and it left me with permanent physical and emotional damage. I supported abortion until I lived it, and now I know better. I wouldn't wish this pain on a dog. You should listen to ALL women, not just the ones who agree with you on something you will never experience yourself.

I know I will be voting for Bush and urging all my friends to do so as I share with them what your campaign staff did to Rebecca Porter.

Ashli *. ********

If abortion hurt you, write John Kerry here:

Thanks to Emily for the email address.

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