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:: Friday, March 05, 2004 ::

Let's hear it for "safe" abortion.

Correspondence from pals:

"this comes from Patte in Orlando. Perper is my "favorite" killer. the one with the balls last month that screamed at me for sending a hemorrhaging patient over to TGH when he didn't show early enough to tend to her...He's a real honey to be sure. Imagine declaring bankruptcy so he doesn't have to pay up for his injurious ways...Anyway, those of you in Michigan will be interested in the Detroit area killing at the end of her update about Perper....It just doesn't stop..."

"News Flash: Abortionist Harry Perper is filing for bankruptcy. The woman who was injured during a 10 week abortion in December at Orlando Women's Center rec'd a letter about it today. She is asked to go to a meeting of his creditors at the end of the month. More as I learn details.

Evidently he had no malpractice/liability insurance.

If Perper is successful at becoming "bankrupt" the surviving victim will be left with the $51,000 bills. Ultimately, tax payers will probably have to PAY for this botched abortion --- and perhaps that's how most botched abortions are paid for.

Another woman suffered perforation of her uterus during a 16 week abortion at Orlando Women's Center on Saturday. This time is was abortionist Randall Whitney. The patient was taken to the hospital, recovered well and released the following day. Perhaps her medical bills will be paid by tax payers too.

Makes you sick, huh?

Here's news of a 15 year old who died as a result of an abortion in Detroit in January:

In Detroit, Michigan, on Jan 8th 2004, a 15 year old female died from what we believe to be a Partial Birth Abortion. The clinic where this occured is called Woman's Care in Lanthrup Village. The girl appeared to be the victim of statuatory rape since her boyfriend was 24.

The clinic not only violated Michigan Parental Notification Law, but also the Child Protection Law since she was only 15. Information on this incident was been kept very hush hush. As a matter of fact, Fox Channel 2 was the only TV station that did a quick blurb on it. The parents had no idea that their daughter was pregnant. As a matter of fact, the boyfriend's sister signed the consent form."

A while back I said I had something cooking and was going to share a picture with you here on the blog. During an abortion at OWC (where I lost my child) a woman's uterus was perforated when her ten-week-old punkin was shoved through the back of it. When she was taken to a hospital for life-preserving surgery, her tot was not only found floating in her abdomen but the physicians TOOK A PICTURE of him/her. The mother later saw the picture and agreed to obtain the picture and share it. Don't have the pic yet. I don't know if she was unable to obtain it or if she simply can't cope with what happened at this time. She is having trouble with over $50k of hospital bills to cover the work of the "safe, legal" abortionist who butchered her. Here is her update:

"Upon investigation of the incident the Agency for Health Care
Administration cited a deficiency with Orlando Women's Center. AHCA found that Orlando Women's Center transferred the patient to the hospital with a document that stated that they had examined the contents of her uterus after the abortion and that: "the uterine contents were adequate for the gestational age". This statement was false as the patient was transferred to the hospital with the fetus inside her abdomen. At present Miss *** has rec'd over $51,000 of medical bills from her hospitalization. On March 1, 2004 Miss *** rec'd a letter from Abortionist Harry Perper's attorney notifying her that Dr Perper is filing for bankruptcy."

How convenient.

Nevermind the fact that I went absolutely round and round with AHCA a few years ago complaining that Pendergraft lied on my records and that his habit of documenting lies was dangerous. Oh it was my word against his over and over again! They closed the case, I reopened it, they closed the case, etc. Eventually I gave up. Later in a hearing on the Women's Health and Safety Act (which passed every vote until Senator Jim King decided to stop the vote!) I was asked why I didn't just contact AHCA. I answered by supplying copies of correspondence and case numbers.

You contact AHCA, you complain, they side with the abortionist; they do NOTHING. Shortly after my back and forth with AHCA Pendergraft was jailed for comitting many combined crimes and of course one of them was LYING (unrelated to abortion clinic record keeping). And now here we see dear ol' Pendergraft's employees continuing the legacy of lies and AHCA just had no warning, did they.


Another UPDATE:

"On Saturday, February 28, 2004 *Miss Darla, a 20 year old woman, was injured during an abortion of a 16 week fetus. Her uterus was perforated by abortionist Randall Whitney at Orlando Women's Center. She was transferred to ORMC's ER and subsequently transferred to AP's Urgent Care. Miss Darla was released from AP on February 29.
*name changed

A friend has info on ANOTHER patient who was taken away by ambulance a few Saturdays ago. He wasn't able to get any add'l details except that the patient was soon released from the hospital."

Oh the joys of the "safe, legal" abortion!

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