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:: Monday, March 29, 2004 ::

In Florida? Want a groovy Choose Life tag for your car? Wanna save four fins?

"For a limited time now, anyone in Florida can switch to the Choose Life license plate by mail and Choose Life, Inc. will pay the switching fee of about $19.65. This has to be done through Russ Amerling at Choose Life, Inc.

This offer is open to anyone in Florida.

Several donors have given funds to make this offer. Currently there is enough money to pay for 150 people to switch their vehicles to the Choose Life license plate. Once this $3000 is gone, another fund raiser will be held, but only the first 150 folks who respond to this offer are guaranteed to get it.

You don't have to wait until your renewal date to do this. You can switch now even if you have just renewed your plate and it will only cost you $22.

Also, if you happen to be within three months of your renewal month, you can switch and renew at the same time, but you will have to pay the normal renewal fee in addition to the $22. (The renewal fee is usually the amount shown on your current vehicle registration you received with your decal or new plate.)

Here are the instructions on how to switch to the Choose Life license plate by mail and save around $20.

1. Make a copy of your current registration of the
vehicle(s) for which you want a Choose Life license plate.

2. Make a copy of the current proof of insurance card for the
vehicle(s) for which you want a Choose Life license plate.

3. Email Russ and request that he email you the form that the state requires for switching, complete and sign it by the "X".

4. Write a check payable to Thomas Olson Tax Collector for each vehicle for $ 22.00 for the Choose Life tag.

5. If you want to renew as well, add the normal renewal fee to the $22 for each vehicle. (The renewal fee is usually either $28.10, $38.10 or $48.10, depending on the weight of the vehicle.)

6. Mail all of these items to Russ Amerling at:

Choose Life, Inc.
Attn: Russ Amerling
PO Box 830152
Ocala, FL 34483-0152

7. Your Choose Life license plate(s) will be mailed to you within ten days with a new decal on it and your new registration slip. Then each year thereafter, you will receive your renewal notice in the mail just as always. The cost will be $22 above the normal cost of your yearly renewal and $20 of that will be returned to your county and distributed to the qualified agencies in your county. These will be various Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Maternity Homes and certain non-profit Adoption Agencies. The $20 is a tax deductible contribution if you itemize your deductions on your IRS Form

8. If you have any problems or questions, please email Russ Amerling. If you do not receive the plate within 2 weeks of mailing in your application, be sure to contact Russ immediately.

9. When you receive your new plate, be sure to deface the decal on the old plate before you throw it away to make sure no one finds it in the trash and uses it.

10. Proudly display your love and support for women, children and families!"

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