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:: Saturday, March 06, 2004 ::

From Patte:

"Thursday, 12 February, 2003

Tricia screamed when she saw her baby boy wiggling. She had just delivered him into the toilet at Orlando Women's Center. "It's ALIVE!"

"Be Quiet!", the clinic worker demanded. "You don't want to upset that little girl in the next room who is still in labor do you?"

Tricia closed her mouth and they both waited for her son to stop moving.

That was a year ago. Today Tricia was back for another late abortion. She confessed that she didn't really feel bad about the last abortion, but promised; "I will think about everything you've said. I really will."

Although Maria, Shirley Jo and I approached each and every one of the 10 or so women who were headed into Orlando Women's Center to pay for late abortions this morning, we failed to convince any of them not to kill their infants. Each of the women will labor and deliver their children by 9PM tomorrow night.

As the hours go by, the clinic workers will urge each of the laboring women to walk in circles around the back parking lot. If you go to 1103 Lucerne Terrace tonight, you will see them with your own eyes.

Without you there will be no outrage, no presence, no
witness as the children are born, one by one, dead... and alive."

Orlando Women's Center is where my child died in a second trimester D&E abortion seven years ago. I was married and suffering from a severe, debilitating pregnancy-related disease. We very much wanted our little one, but I felt I couldn't stand the illness any longer. Neglegent doctors weren't helping, so I believed I had no other choice. It was the single worst event of my life. My child was killed and I was permanently physically and emotionally damaged.

Killing my child to solve my problem was a very poor choice. The abortion was far worse than the horrible crisis that prompted me to abort in the first place. I hear that same sentiment from many women.

Still, some, like Tricia, seemingly have no remorse and feel that abortion, even late-term abortion, is a legitimate form of birth control even after seeing their live-aborted child drowning in a toilet bowl.

Abortion supporters brag about these women and what an empowering non-event abortion is. They try to convince us (and themselves) that most women react similarly to Tricia.

If that is the majority reaction it is a terrifying commentary on women and certainly nothing to proclaim with any sense of pride or satisfaction.

Is this really what we as women want to be?

:: ashli 7:26 AM # ::

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